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Checking in because I havn’t written for a long time. XP Alright, well My Becoming ( ) Is now published. It’s not my best story but it’s just one I had sitting around so I decided to put it out there. =\ Also, Love, Pain, Blood and Tears ( ) Is published, and this is basically just a collection of poems on the theme of love. I’m starting another collection on poems on different points of view… 

Here’s my first entry in that one called Tear Us Down from the view of an animal: 

We can not talk
But we can all think
When humans push us
Far to the brink…

We know not your tongue
But we know of fear
As we all are tortured
We shed a small tear

We are not you
But you are not us
You have not a clue
That we feel must

When you tear us down
We all try to fight
But how do you close 
your eyes to this light?

Does anyone see it?
Or are you all blind?
You call us animals…
But this soul is mine… 

Nothing special, just a first poem in a new collection.


Other business..I’ll be going to Jamaica again this July for about 8 days but i’d still rather go to Japan for 3 days than Jamaica for 8. Should still be fun though. ^^

also.. <^^< Click it


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Konichiwa! Watashi wa Nemonica desu. So..I'm Nemonica. I enjoy writing (Short stories and poems mostly), listening to music, watching Anime and horror movies, eating and sleeping. =| Tweet me! XP @NemonicaBars =)

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