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Sushi and Starbucks

Well…i WAS going to go to my friends house today…but no…she got sick. -_- Damn sickness and it’s…sickiness…..

Oh well, i got sushi and starbucks, so i was happy for a while… Until i realised “Oh noz! All mah friends have gone!” *forever alone*

Yepp…but let me explain…

My friend Katy is skiing ((lucky litte itch)), my friend Spenser is at a ski resort ((FUUU-)), idfk where Sage or Clancy are and Josh..well, whatever…=\

Oh well, i keep myself amused i guess…chillin’ in the loft where thou shalt not give a shit. Watching Death Note, listening to music, talking to myself, going more insane by the minute…it happends…



About TwistedHarmony8

Konichiwa! Watashi wa Nemonica desu. So..I'm Nemonica. I enjoy writing (Short stories and poems mostly), listening to music, watching Anime and horror movies, eating and sleeping. =| Tweet me! XP @NemonicaBars =)

2 responses to “Sushi and Starbucks

  1. Bay Buggy ⋅

    im reading death note…. lol

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