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Llamas…with hats O_O

Okay then…..Nemonica is now addicted to Llamas With Hats…if you have no idea what i’m talking about, go to, type in Llamas With Hats and click on the one by SecretAgentBob. It’s made by the same guy who made Charlie The Unicorn and IT. IS. AMAZING. O_O

Sooo……..while you sit there being you, i’ll leave you with some LWH quotes.

“Friendship is: Two pals munching on a well cooked face together”

“I do not kill people. That is..that is my LEAST favorite thing to to.”

“My stomach was making the rumblies…that only hands could satisfy.”

“That is the sound of forgiveness…screaming then silence…”







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Konichiwa! Watashi wa Nemonica desu. So..I'm Nemonica. I enjoy writing (Short stories and poems mostly), listening to music, watching Anime and horror movies, eating and sleeping. =| Tweet me! XP @NemonicaBars =)

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