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I’m back…from where? I don’t know…

Ok, I havn’t posted in a while because, frankly, there’s been nothing big to talk about. But I assure you, i’m not dead.

The halloween fair ((I talked about it a little in one of my other posts)) Is this coming weekend and I honestly can’t wait ^^ It’s gonna be awesome.

I just figured out my Halloween costume today…kinda…

So far I have a black and green lace masquarade mask.

Yepp…thats it…

BUT I’m going to get a black feather boa and wear my zebra-and-rose skinny jeans and i’ll find a shirt….

I find it sad that over half my Halloween costume is my normal, everyday clothes. -_- Wow…

Oh well, it’s still pretty badass if you ask me.

So, that’s pretty much it for now…i’ll post again after the fair and tell you guys about it. ((Wow, now i’m acting like there’s more than 2 people who read my blog..-_-))


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Konichiwa! Watashi wa Nemonica desu. So..I'm Nemonica. I enjoy writing (Short stories and poems mostly), listening to music, watching Anime and horror movies, eating and sleeping. =| Tweet me! XP @NemonicaBars =)

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