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Hey guys…i havn’t posted in a while so let me give you an outline of what’s happened…

1) Went to a BBQ compition with my friend Katy ((I know, Pescatarian at a BBQ, odd…but whatever….))

2) Bought a Fedora…yep, my first hat…and i actually WEAR it and LIKE it…shocker, right?

4) Saved my friend from starving…lol, at Blazin Hog ((The BBQ)), he was left there all day with no money or anything so at the end of the day when people were packing up, he was complaining about being hungry so I give him $4 and tell him to buy an Indian Taco…they’re packing up so they have almost nothing left out…so finally, we convince him to go ask and they end up pulling stuff out to make him an Indian Taco, lol X) It was amusing…

5)  Did you even notice I missed 3?

6) Did you look up and check?

7) Thought so…

8 ) Ok guys…when i went back to school I did an all day program with some friends called FTC ((Free The Children)). 2 speakers named Derrick and Nicole came and we spent the day with them…it was fun, we played games and ate pizza and stuff but aside from that, they kind of opened our eyes to everything happening in the world…child labor, poverty, abuse, ECT… We talked about things we could do to stop it and help others, events we could put on, fundraisers, and stuff like that. Our school adopted a country and we’re supporting them in helping build schools, end child labor and bring fresh water…

They also showed us how ANYONE can do it…anyone can pick a passion and a cause and help others while having fun.

So what is your comminuty doing? How could you help?

FTC started by a boy named Craig Kielburger….he read in the newspaper about the murder of a 12 year old boy who’d taken a stand against child labor and was shot by a factory worker. Craig was so angry all through school, he asked to present the article to the class. When he told them he was going to take a stand against this, and asked who’d stand with him, 11 hands came up. Those twelve, 12 year olds were the start of this program that’s now going worldwide.


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