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Rock Revolution

Ok guys, I recently read  and I am PISSED.

Click the link and read…this almost brought me to tears and also almost made me punch out my computer…

In this article, author Stephenson Billings (( )) accuses members of  BOTDF to be cross-dressing, sadomasochist, homosexual pedophiles…when in reality, they are none of these…

If you read the comments, there are people taking ipods away from their kids and locking them in their rooms because of this lie…

They’ve also made lies about Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182 and more bands…




Now, I know this can’t be solved with calling them all douches and telling them to fuck themselves ((thousands have tried, myself included)) so if you read this, go to his blog, facebook, christwire or any other account you can get to and speak your mind on it…

((as an example)) My post: “Wow..just wow… i have one thing to say to the haters out there.

‘Now is the time, now is the hour To take back my heart, to take back my power. This is the moment to break your spell. I see right through you now BURN IN HELL” -BOTDF/Nemonica♥”

That was my post on christwire…so speak your mind and stand with us in the Rock Revolution.






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