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This is me…

Hey guys, read my profile to learn more about me but basicly…this blog will be for my writing, funny/awesome things with friends, random rants and other shit you probably dont want to read about….BUT OH WELL! =)

So first off, you can find me on many other websites such as eggcave, elementsthegame, goodreads, inkpop, immortalnight, chickensmoothie….yep, pretty much everything EXCEPT  the basics like Facebook and Twitter. =)

This will probably NOT be a regular blog…i don’t want to kill you guys with boredom so i’ll just post when i get the chance and have something to talk about…

Any ideas on what i should blog about? Comment here or find me on another site…my username for things is usually darklovely3100 or nemonica3100 but for Goodreads, if you have an account, here’s the link to my profile…


About TwistedHarmony8

Konichiwa! Watashi wa Nemonica desu. So..I'm Nemonica. I enjoy writing (Short stories and poems mostly), listening to music, watching Anime and horror movies, eating and sleeping. =| Tweet me! XP @NemonicaBars =)

3 responses to “This is me…

  1. Bay Buggy ⋅

    heyy there smexy 😉

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